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In the Mood for stories – breaking down the difference between a mood board and a storyboard

Storyboards to Mood boards… why they both matter.

When it comes to planning for success in production it starts in the planning.

Our team at Goodmor9, broke down the difference between mood and storyboards and offer a few tips on getting started.


Mood boards and storyboards are both essential creative tools for planning and visualizing the creative process in a variety of industries. Mood boards are used to establish a particular mood or feeling and provide inspiration for the overall design of a project, while storyboards are used to plan and refine the visual storytelling and technical aspects of a scene or sequence. Both tools allow for experimentation and exploration, which can save time and money by working out any issues or problems in the creative process before moving on to production. Whether you’re a graphic designer, filmmaker, or interior designer, mastering the art of mood boards and storyboards is crucial for success in the world of creative industries.


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"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ―Maya Angelou, author, poet, civil rights activist.