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Cancer Clinical Trials Explainer for Merck Oncology

With Clinical Trials there is Important Information to

Julie’s Story: Struggle with PAH

Meet Julie, a mother and grandmother living with PAH.

CyberKnife: Mike Lutz

We collaborated with MKZ Advertising on the latest

Adcetris: Real people with classical Hodgkin lymphoma

Real people with classical Hodgkin lymphoma ⇑ view the

Meet Stephanie: Xeljanz UC patient

Meet Stephanie, a UC patient. Stephanie has felt the impact

HIV Milestones: ViiV Healthcare | gsk

ViiV Healthcare and gsk sought to highlight milestones in

Perlmutter Cancer Center: Twins Commercial

When Paul and Phil were both diagnosed with prostate cancer,

Perlmutter Cancer Center: Clinical Trial

Once again we had the opportunity to collaborate with MKZ