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The Sennheiser Difference For Worship

Produced for Sennheiser this video highlights

Merck Oncology Clinical Trials

Created for Merck Oncology, this video was created to help

Cancer Clinical Trials Explainer for Merck Oncology

With Clinical Trials there is Important Information to

Julie’s Story: Struggle with PAH

Meet Julie, a mother and grandmother living with PAH.

CyberKnife: Mike Lutz

We collaborated with MKZ Advertising on the latest

Adcetris: Real people with classical Hodgkin lymphoma

Real people with classical Hodgkin lymphoma ⇑ view the

Meet Stephanie: Xeljanz UC patient

Meet Stephanie, a UC patient. Stephanie has felt the impact

HIV Milestones: ViiV Healthcare | gsk

ViiV Healthcare and gsk sought to highlight milestones in