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José Baselga: Cancer’s Fiercest Opponent


José Baselga was a pioneering physician-scientist and an inspiring leader. Meet the visionary oncologist in this documentary – a portrait of a complex man whose work transformed the lives of thousands of patients and who leaves behind a titanic legacy, as told by those who knew him best.

A celebration of tenacity and ingenuity, this documentary tells the story of José Baselga, a visionary cancer researcher and physician whose life was cut short by a devastating neurological disease. The film examines José’s storied career (including a high-profile controversy) exploring his life as a scientist, father, mentor and friend, and illustrating a legacy that will inspire the scientists, doctors and leaders of the future.

The film was written, produced, and directed by Chris Valentino, edited by Christine Kapetanakis and Chris Valentino with Original Music by Marinho Nobre.

Learn more about the film at: JoséBaselga-Film.com


Perlmutter Cancer Center: Pastor Billy Richards

Once again we collaborated with MKZ advertising and Perlmutter Cancer Center to revisit Pastor Billy Richards prostate cancer story. The shot was an emotional one for Pastor Billy who shared how important his CyberKnife surgery was to him, and how because of it, he is thriving and enjoying life as a grandfather.

The Sennheiser Difference For Worship

Produced for Sennheiser this video highlights Sennheiser’s dedication to enhancing Worship Audio with microphones, in-ear monitors, wireless systems, and headsets for a noticeably deeper engagement in music and spoken word.

For over 75 years, this family-owned company has been the choice of audio professionals on-stages and in-studios around the globe, known for pristine audio, user-friendly interfaces, and long-lasting reliable performance.

Merck Oncology Clinical Trials

Created for Merck Oncology, this video was created to help patients seek out information and education around available oncology clinical trials.

Learn more at merckoncologyclinicaltrials.com

Cancer Clinical Trials Explainer for Merck Oncology

With Clinical Trials there is Important Information to Consider

We were tasked with executing a creative explainer for Merck Oncology, highlighting the many considerations for taking part in a clinical trial.

There is a lot to consider when deciding whether to participate in a clinical trial. Any clinical trial includes risks, which the study doctor will review with you. Make sure you understand the risks before participating. Learn More at: merckoncologyclinicaltrials.com

Julie’s Story: Struggle with PAH

Meet Julie, a mother and grandmother living with PAH.