The Horror Channel

We recently launched the all-new Horror Channel. Their mission is to introduce all ages to classic and contemporary literature and film in the “horror” genre.

Oak & Oil

Our friends and neighbors at Oak & Oil came to us for branding and web design. Their Art and Home Furnishings store located in quaint Katonah, NY needed a brand identity, strategy and online presence. The project was a pleasure from start to finish.

Fit In Your Skin

The wellness program  “Fit in Your Skin™” was launched to help the 7.5 million Americans living with psoriasis to better manage their overall health and feel better about themselves.  Jackie Warner, the well-known fitness trainer, led the program, which was a collaborative effort between the National Psoriasis Foundation and Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc. (Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals).

We co-developed the program producing the video content, still photography, website, DVD and print materials.


New Way RA

Hosted  by award-winning journalist and anchor of Inside Edition, Deborah Norville, New Way RA focuses on practical tips and advice for daily living with RA.  The show’s aim was to continue raising awareness about RA, a chronic, inflammatory and potentially disabling condition that affects more than 1 million Americans, predominantly women.  New Way RA was sponsored by Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc a division of Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals.

New Way RA is a unique resource for people living with RA because it can be challenging and, at times, even frustrating to figure out how to maintain your daily routine and continue enjoying life while managing a chronic condition,” says Norville, whose mother was diagnosed with RA when Norville was just 10 years old.  “Through personal insights and life experiences shared by individuals actually dealing with the condition, New Way RA offers support and tools that can empower viewers to explore new ways to approach living with RA.”

We worked alongside Tonic Life to develop the program.  We produced the web series providing production, editorial, graphics, music and DVD services.

Open Education

We worked with Open Education to develop and establish their brand identity and digital persona for their 2014 launch.  Open Education was established to explore the innovation occurring in K-12 education while providing accessible data, narrative and video case studies, policy analyses, original journalism, and relevant links to national and global opinions.


As part of citi’s ongoing rebrand the team was tasked with refreshing the Institutional Investors portal.  Beyond the front end mark up of the site the team worked tirelessly to implement the incredible amount of data and services Citi offers around the globe.  The goal of creating a more easily navigable site while featuring the latest news was a challenge we accepted eagerly.

The citi team was a pleasure to work with and their knowledge and expertise made for a wonderful partnership.

treat. frozen yogurt

treat. frozen yogurt is one of Westchester County’s summer (and year round) delights.  We had the delicious opportunity to work with the treat. family on their website and social media plan as they expanded their business from a local shop to local markets across the US.

We are not going to lie, we love treat.  We even contributed a classic flavor: the Espress-yo, which was delicious espresso coffee poured atop a flavorful vanilla treat.  Yum.  Fortunately for people everywhere treat. now ships across the US and can be found in markets in NYC, Chicago and Detroit.

OK Cable

When Cablevision and Time Warner’s marketing cooperative needed a new, easy and accessible website they came to us to design and develop.  For years we produced on-air campaigns and commercials for 1-800-OK Cable and we leveraged our experience and know how to build an easy to use, easy to navigate lead generating website.

Untouchables Cartoon

The Untouchables Cartoon website was a fully immersive experience which combined social media clues, prize incentives and original music to bring fans into the urban bands world.  Developed as a promotional engagement driver alongside video elements for Facebook, the Flash site evoked a mood and style in line with the brand’s culture and audience.

DERM Approved

We worked with the team at Derm Approved to develop the digital content for their site.

Initial strategy discussions focused on talent, style, voice and brand message all leading to the creation of over 200 videos for the site.