Conversations with Hep C

Working with Saatchi healthcare this program gave patients living with Hep C an opportunity to discuss with one another their challenges, fears and triumphs over living with Hepatitus C.


Winthrop Hospital

We had the opportunity to work with New York’s Winthrop University Hospital on Long Island.  We worked with the cutting edge hospital to tell their story while representing the doctors and patients of this Long Island institution.

The campaign featured numerous radio, tv and print ads highlighting the hospital’s incredible record and the emotional impact it has had on the lives of its patients.

Untouchables Cartoon

The Untouchables Cartoon website was a fully immersive experience which combined social media clues, prize incentives and original music to bring fans into the urban bands world.  Developed as a promotional engagement driver alongside video elements for Facebook, the Flash site evoked a mood and style in line with the brand’s culture and audience.

Showtime and ESPN’s Countdown to the Brawl

Showtime and ESPN collaborated to bring the story of Fernando Vargas and Ricardo Mayorga’s final historic bout. The special was produced and directed by Chris Valentino.

DERM Approved

We worked with the team at Derm Approved to develop the digital content for their site.

Initial strategy discussions focused on talent, style, voice and brand message all leading to the creation of over 200 videos for the site.