Every journey begins with hope.

Innerstate follows the journeys of three very different adults on similar paths. The subjects are Jason, diagnosed with psoriasis, Janie, diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and Ray, diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, all diseases of the immune system, which may be characterized by immune deregulationchronic inflammation and tissue damage. In total, they affect millions of people worldwide, while also having a profound impact on their families, friends and loved ones.

The film opens with a long shot of a suburban highway, giving the viewer the distinct feeling of taking a road trip or journey. Through the film’s progression, first-hand accounts are intertwined to show how Jason, Janie and Ray, people with different illnesses and from different backgrounds, share an important bond with each other. Each has a unique story to tell, but their “inner states” are similar in that they found the strength to keep striving for their dreams by staying focused on overcoming their conditions.

The film was produced and directed by Chris Valentino

Flea Market Flip with Lara Spencer

Great American Country presents Flea Market Flip with Lara Spencer.

When it comes to passionate people, Lara Spencer is an incredible find.  Her energy and enthusiasm for Flea Market finds is just one of the reasons Flea Market Flip is a flagship show for GAC.

Chris Valentino directed the promo campaign for The Cider Company and GAC.

Botox 25th Anniversary

We collaborated with Allergan® and Tonic Life Communications to produce this short film recognizing the physician pioneers and patient communities who contributed to the development of BOTOX ® (onabotulinumtoxinA),  one of the most recognized pharmaceutical brands in the United States.  The film kicks off a year-long campaign to commemorate the 25 thanniversary of the first approved uses of BOTOX ® and to honor its heritage as a medical advancement.

To view the video visit

Yay or Nay App Demo

We produced this video, directed by Chris Valentino, for a major US retailer.  The demo showcased the apps function and social context.

The Wind Gods

The Wind Gods is the story of the 33rd America’s Cup race and Team Oracle’s amazing run to victory.

We worked alongside award winning Mt. Philo Films and Hollywood powerhouse Skydance Productions to bring The Wind Gods home.  We produced the key promotional materials including the on-air promos, trailer, website and DVD for the film’s Public Television debut of the breathtaking film.

Allergan 2014

We had the opportunity to work with the Allergan leadership team to create their internal communications address.  The project was produced in partnership with our friends at Tonic Life.

Broadcast Gallery

Broadcast design, show packaging, motion graphics and brand identity projects for clients such as CBS, HBO, HGTV, Showtime, MTV, A&E, OWN, ESPN, History, Nickelodeon and others.

Ferrallavision Television Pilot

When Sirius Radio’s sports personality Scott Ferrall wanted to bring his radio show to life he collaborated with Chris Valentino to create a piece that would capture the excitement, spontaneity and pace of the man himself.

Fit In Your Skin

The wellness program  “Fit in Your Skin™” was launched to help the 7.5 million Americans living with psoriasis to better manage their overall health and feel better about themselves.  Jackie Warner, the well-known fitness trainer, led the program, which was a collaborative effort between the National Psoriasis Foundation and Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc. (Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals).

We co-developed the program producing the video content, still photography, website, DVD and print materials.


Visual Storytelling

Those who tell the stories rule the world.
~ Hopi Native American proverb